​Paul Schulten studied Classical Languages and Ancient History at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands where he also got his Ph.D. From 1978-2005 he taught at the Department of History of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In 2006 he joined CMU as a visiting professor, where he has taught courses in Ancient and Military History.

Email: schul1pg@cmich.edu

Research Interests

Paul Schulten's main area of expertise is Ancient cultural history, with special focus on Ancient Greek and Roman conceptions of humor.  His other area of research concerns military history and various aspects of the world wars.   He has also collaborated with CMU emeritus professor David Rutherford on an annotated critical edition of the 15th century Latin manuscript.  

Publications and Professional Activities: Curriculum vitae

Academic History

1961- Ph.D in Ancient History and Classical Languages, Leyden University

1966-1971 High school teacher in Latin and Greek languages.

1971-1978 Lecturer in Rhetoric. Faculty of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam

1978-2008 Professor in Ancient History.  Faculty of History, Erasmus University.

2006/2008/2010/2014-2016 Visiting Professor.  Department of History CMU

Major Publications

Books: (with L. Jansma) Religious Movements. The Hague, 1981.

The Circumcellions. A  social-religious movement in Late Antiquity. The Hague, 1984.

(with P. Knegtmans) Collaborateurs van Niveau. Amsterdam, 1996.

(with H. Binneveld e.a.) Leven naast de Catastrofe. Nederland tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog. Hilversum, 2001.

(with M. Kraaijestein) Wankel Evenwicht. Soesterberg, 2007.

(with M. Kraaijestein) The Epic of Gallipoli. Soesterberg, 2009.

Canon of World War I. Zutphen, 2014.

It was only a joke. The Humor of the Greeks and the Romans. Soesterberg, 2015.

Selected Recent Articles

‘Humor en Historiografie’, in Haitsma Mulier (eds.) Het Beeld in de Spiegel (Hilversum, 2000) 211-226.
 ‘Physicians, Humour and Therapeutic Laughter’, Social Identities 7 (2001) 67-75.

‘Ancient Humour’, in Jongman/Kleijwegt (eds.) After the Past. Essays in Ancient History in Honour of H.W. Pleket (Leiden, 2002) 209-234.

‘Logistics in Antiquity’, in H. Roos (ed) Van Marketentster tot logistiek netwerk. De militaire logistiek door de eeuwen heen (Amsterdam, 2002) 29-56.

‘To cry or not to cry: public emotions in Antiquity’, Cultural and Social History 2 (2005) 9-22.

‘Steden in de Grieks-Romeinse Wereld’, in Halbertsma (ed) Steden Vroeger en Nu (Bussum, 2008) 31-45.

‘Breda and West-Brabant in the French and German war plans  in 1939 and 1940’, De Oranjeboom LXIII (2010)  1-42.

‘Humour on Religion in the Greco-Roman World’, in Geybels/v. Herck (eds.) Humour and Religion. Challenges and Ambiguities (New York, 2011).

‘Castiglione and Cicero: Wit and Laughter in the Book of the Courtier’, in Sacks DaSilva/Pell (eds.) At Whom Are We Laughing? Humor in Romance Language Literatures (New Castle, 2013) 161-170.

‘Historical Themes in Antonio da Rho’s Dialogi tres in Lactantium’ in Rivista di Storia e Letteratura Religiosa (Florence, 2017) 601-622.

 In Preparation: a critical edition (with dr. D. Rutherford CMU) of 3 Renaissance dialogues, authored by Franciscan friar Antonius Raudensis (Antonio da Rho, 15th century) debating the ideas of the early Christian author Lactantius.