[Re]collection: The Official (and unofficial) Department Blog

Image of typewriter with link to History Department's blog

The best place to keep up with the history department is by means of our blog, [Re]collection, which publishes original articles, news, and updates from history faculty, students, alumni, and other members of our community at CMU and beyond (sometimes far beyond).

In addition to the main blog page, [Re]collection has a dedicated news and events page. Events and articles published on [Re]collection — which is free and open, and doesn't require membership or a subscription — are also cross-posted on Facebook and Twitter.


The department maintains a lively Facebook page (CmichHistory), where you can join the discussion and keep up with the department.


History news and events are also regularly announced (and sometimes discussed) on Twitter (@cmuhistory). Please follow us and join in!

Events Calendar

The department hosts and sponsors numerous events and guest lectures throughout the academic year, all of which can be found on the Events Calendar.