Abraham Lincoln's words to Congress reflect the importance of knowing history in order to understand our world.

Your historical studies at Central Michigan University will help you to understand and analyze the development of political, cultural, economic, and social life in past civilizations. You will apply the conceptual skills you gain from your study of the past to the analysis of critical issues in both the present and future.

Understanding the history and culture of economic hot spots around the world is increasingly valuable in this age of global finance, business, and industry.  Combining historical studies with other disciplines provides a well-rounded background that is increasingly important in many areas of employment.  CMU's history teacher education programs provide solid preparation for a rewarding career in education. More than half of CMU's history majors plan to teach.  A history major at CMU can also prepare you for graduate study leading to a career in foreign or government service, teaching, research, law, museum, library, or archival work.

Our undergraduate degree programs lead to the B.S. or B.A. degree in history or to the B.S. degree in secondary, elementary, or special education. Our courses span the globe and all eras of human experience, with specialists in American history, European history (including British, French, Italian, Russian, and German history), ancient and medieval history, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

For detailed information for majors, minors, and degrees in history, consult CMU's Academic Bulletins page. For other inquiries about undergraduate programs, please contact the department​. ​​