Scarlet L. Muñoz Ramirez

Title: "Afro-Indigenous Connections in the Puebla-Atlixco Valley, 1575-1650"

Advisor: Jonathan G. Truitt

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Timothy Day

Title: "Confessional Pluralism and Civic Association in the Gallican and Anglican Churches, 1816-1829"

Advisor: Doina P. Harsanyi

Shannon R. Kirkwood

Title: "Mobilizing the Home: The Politics of Female Space, Women's Working Class Consciousness, and the Labor Movement in the U.S. and Britain, 1912-1922"

Advisor: Tara M. McCarthy

E. Wesley Reynolds, III

Title: "Coffeehouse Triflers and Their Atlantic World of Leisure"

Advisor: Timothy D. Hall


 Jordan Cleveland

Title: "From Our Free Fathers We Are Free Sons: How the Stafa Memorial Attempted to Change the Idea of Citizenship in Zurich, 1794"

Committee Chair: Doina P. Harsanyi

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Dale Moler

Title: "Demobilizing Television: Technological Consumers in the Postwar World"

Advisor: Kathleen G. Donohue

Carlos Hugo Aldolfo Zayas Gonzalez

Title: "Makers of Knowledge: Seventeenth Century Jesuit Intellectual Culture in the Spanish World"

Advisor: Jonathan G. Truitt

 Kevin T. Hall

Title: "Allied 'Luftgangster' and the German Population: The Killing and Mistreatment of Downed American Airmen in Germany during World War Two"

Advisor: Eric A. Johnson

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Andrew T. Dietzel

Title: "Resisting the Settler-State: Enunciations of Haudenosaunee Sovereignty and Indigeneity from 1898-1924"

Advisor: Tracy L. Brown

Jennifer G. Vannette

Title: "Aftermath of Genocide: The World Jewish Congress and the Fight for Human Rights"

Advisor: Mitchell K. Hall


Sulaiman Albinhamad

Title: "The Economic Decline of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt and the Role of the Circassian Sultans Behind This Decline (1382-1517 A.D.)"

Committee Chair: John F. Robertson

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Patrick M. Kirkwood

Title: "An 'Administrative Race'? Anglo-Saxonism and Imperial Administrative Networks in the Philippines and Southern Africa, c.1898-1921"

Advisor: David I. MacLeod

Dallas F. Michelbacher

Title: "Jewish Forced Labor in Romania under Antonescu Regime, 1940-1944"

Advisor: Eric A. Johnson


Marian Matyn

Title: "Performing Into A New Reality: Michigan Female Equestrians and Fliers and Their Impact on Women's Gender Roles and Behaviors"

Committee Chair: Timothy D. Hall

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Wade R. Johnson

Title: "Indifferent Matters: Matthias Falcius, Illyricus, John Hooper, and Adiaphora"

Advisor: Carrie E. Euler


Donald A. Laskey

Title: "A Passage of Time: Joshua Slocum's Circumnavigation and the World Behind It"

Committee Chair: Jay C. Martin

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Jonathan P. Klauke

Title: "Grasping at Stars: A Study of the Translation and Transmission of Medieval Astronomical Knowledge, 750-1600"

Advisor: David E. Rutherford

Elizabeth L. LaFray

Title: "The Air She Breathes: The Female Soul from Homer to Plato"

Advisor: Gregory A. Smith


Abdulaziz Al Qabli

Title: "Islamic Endowments and Their Impact on the Scientific Renaissance in the Era of Sultan Baybars in Egypt (1260-1277 A.D.)"

Committee Chair: John F. Robertson

Camden Burd

Title: "North: A History of Natural and Imagined Landscapes in the Great Lakes Region"

Committee Chair: Jay C. Martin

Hytham Dali

Title: "Defining Terrorism: The History of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and their Image in the West"

Committee Chair: John F. Robertson

Alexander Greff

Title: "Enlightened Ignorants: Scientific Culture in Eighteenth Century American Periodicals"

Committee Chair: Doina P. Harsanyi

Dana Ouellette

Title: "Action and Reaction: A Regional Assessment of the Dissolution of the English Monasteries and the English People's Responses to the Dismantling of a Traditional Religious Institution, 1535-1540"

Committee Chair: Carrie E. Euler

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Christopher J. Hagen

Title: "Inconsistent Perceptions: British Views and Interpretations of North African and Middle Eastern Muslims, 1558-1660"

Advisor: Carrie E. Euler

Frank J. Klackle

Title: "Playing Politics in Paradise: State Development of Tourism and the Postwar Boom in Acapulco"

Advisor: Thomas L. Benjamin


Wendy Booth

Title: "Puddles to Dabble In: Political Socialization of American Women, 1760-1860"

Committee Chair: Tara M. McCarthy

E. Wesley Reynolds, III

Title: "Nova Romana Caledonia in Britannic"

Committee Chair: Ben Weinstein

Rachel Santer

Title: "Lady Anne Blunt: Cross-Gender Enculturation and Orientalist Travels in Nineteenth-Century Arabia"

Committee Chair: John F. Robertson

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Jeffrey DuPont

Title: "Divine Kingship in the Third Dynasty of Ur: Methods of Legitimizing Royal Authority in Ancient Mesopotamia"

Committee Chair: John F. Robertson

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Jennifer D. Dowie

Title: "Influential Spirits: The Children's Progressive Lyceum, 1860-1910"

Advisor: Timothy D. Hall

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Christopher J. Eno

Title: "An Historical Perspective of China's Intellectual Class"

Committee Chair: Randall Doyle

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Elizabeth K. Chamberlain

Title: "Women Must Act Like Ladies: Debates Over the Changing Notions of Womanhood in a Midwest City at the Turn of the Century"

Committee Chair: Kathleen G. Donohue

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Andrew D. Devenney

Title: "Local Elites, 'Identity Politics, and European Integrations: A Comparative Political and Social History of Glasgow, Manchester, and Dublin, 1945-75"

Advisor: James A. Schmiechen

Matthew P. McCabe

Title: "'A More Beautiful Future': Class, Race and City Planning in Glasgow and Chicago, 1890-1968"

Advisor: James A. Schmiechen

Keith B. Sohler

Title: "Reappraising Anglo-German Diplomatic Relations, 1919-39"

Advisor: James A. Schmiechen