​​Funding opportunities for graduate study in the department of history are available for qualified students in the traditional MA and Joint MA/PhD programs. Funding packages ordinarily include a combination of tuition scholarships, remission of course-related fees, and a stipend for research or teaching. Funding details vary according to program, the availability of funds from university and other sources, and may be contingent on successful progress toward the degree sought.

While the forms linked below give full details about application requirements, please note the following deadlines:

  • New Joint MA/PhD funding applications: January 3 (for admission in the fall)
  • New MA funding applications for the spring semester: November 3
  • New MA funding applications for the fall semester: March 3
  • Continuation of funding forms​: January 15 (for funding in the next academic year)

New Applicants

Doctoral Assistantships (Joint Program)

Students admitted to the Joint MA/PhD program are ordinarily awarded funding upon admission. Since the departmental application described in the second step of the Joint Program application instructions also serves as an application for funding, newly admitted Joint Program students do not need to fill out separate forms for funding.

  • The deadline for new Joint MA/PhD funding applications is January 3.

Masters Assistantships

Masters Teaching Assistantships in History are awarded on a competitive basis to students with outstanding academic records who are enrolled full-time in the masters degree program in history​. Based on twenty hours of teaching or teaching-related work per week, the funding package includes a stipend, a tuition scholarship for up to 20 credit hours per year, and remission of most course-related fees. The stipend is determined each year by the CMU Board of Trustees.

  • Application Form—Master’s Teaching Assistantship in History (pdf)
  • The deadline for new MA funding applications for the spring semester is November 3.
  • The deadline for new MA funding applications for the fall semester is March 3.
  • For M.A. students who are seeking funding, please submit a Statement of Purpose, in which you describe your academic background and preparation including any language preparation, identify the area or areas of history you want to study, and outline your career goals

NOTE: The tuition scholarship can only be used for courses on the master’s degree program or those otherwise approved by the student’s graduate advisor.​

NOTE: For further information on writing a personal statement, please refer to this article.

Currently Funded Students

Progress Report for Continuation of Funding

All currently funded students eligible for future funding must document their ongoing eligibility and progress annually, using the form linked below. Students must also discuss their progress with their advisors. Students are responsible for ensuring that advisors have sufficient time and information to make a recommendation and sign the form before the deadline of January 15, when all forms are due.

The full form should be completed every year. Students may therefore wish to use the Microsoft Word versions of the forms instead of the PDFs, in order to save information electronically and use it in future progress reports. Note, however, that the PDF and Word versions of the forms are identical.

  • Joint MA/PhD Progress Report (PDF) | (Word)
  • Traditional MA Progress Report (​PDF) | (Word)