The Joint PhD in History is not currently accepting applications for 2022–2023. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Lane Demas, Director of Graduate Studies.

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The Joint MA/PhD in History at Central Michigan University is an innovative program focusing on transnational and comparative history. The “Joint” part of the program’s title refers to the fact that students pursue both coursework and research not only at CMU but also at one of our international partner institutions in Germany, Scotland, ​and France. Faculty from CMU and partner institutions also serve on jointly advised committees for doctoral dissertations.

A central feature of the Joint Program is the requirement that students spend a minimum of one academic year at a partner institution. Ordinarily taken in the second year of a student’s course of study, this year abroad offers the chance to take coursework in an international setting, work closely with international faculty and colleagues, and begin the pursuit of dissertation research.

In keeping with the program’s focus, doctoral dissertations produced by our students are required to address transnational and/or comparative history. Recognizing that both “transnational” and “comparative” cover diverse approaches to the past, the department offers advanced training in a wide range of both major and minor fields, including all periods of human history around the globe and a variety of thematic specializations.

Partner Institutions

Admission Standards and Program Requirements

For a complete list of admission standards, program requirements, and other details, please consult the Graduate Bulletin.