​​The handbooks linked here serve as the primary guides for graduate students in ​history at CMU. Together with the Graduate Bulletin​, which contains official university policies on many (but not all) of the basic requirements for graduate study in general as well as particular degree pro​grams, the handbook is the single most important source for up-to-date information and advice on graduate degrees in history. Use t​he links below to access the handbook for your program:

Students and advisors should note the following before using the handbooks:

  1. Students are generally expected to follow the degree requirements and policies that were in effect when they started the degree. This means that the latest version of a particular policy in the Bulletin may not apply to you: be sure to consult the specific bulletin for the year you entered the program. These are always available from the main Bulletins page, which has you start by choosing your “bulletin year.” Similar expectations apply for the handbook, although unlike the Bulletin it will usually be explicit about when policies have changed, to whom they apply, and so on. In most cases, the handbook will also tell you about Bulletin policies that have changed, so it’s generally best to start with the handbook.

  2. The Graduate Bulletin is authoritative for everything it covers. In the unlikely event of a conflict between handbook and Bulletin, the Bulletin wins. (Please let us know if you find such a conflict so it can be fixed.)