​The Department of History expects the highest standards of​ academic integrity throughout the university community. The department will strive to enforce the standards of conduct and academic honesty for students as set out in official university publications such as the Academic Integrity Policy for Graduate Students published in the Graduate Bulletin and the university’s general Policy on Academic Integrity​.

In addition to the above, the Department of History has established the following procedures for dealing with questions of academic integrity in the graduate program.

  1. The department will follow the established university grade grievance policy for handling disputes arising from the assignment of a student’s grade or status in a specific course.

  2. In other cases where a violation of academic integrity is alleged, the essentials of the case shall be reported first to the department chair.

  3. If the chair agrees that a violation of academic integrity has occurred because of the conclusiveness of the evidence or because the student admitted to the violation, the chair shall authorize a letter to the student outlining the allegations and proposing a sanction. The letter shall also offer the student the option of a meeting on the matter before the Graduate Studies Committee of the department. If the student does not admit to the violation, the Graduate Studies Committee will schedule a meeting at which time the student will be present to discuss the allegation. The Committee will review all evidence and recommend an appropriate sanction.

  4. The conclusions of the chair in the absence of a Graduate Studies Committee meeting or the conclusions of the Graduate Studies Committee’s meeting, if such is required, shall be forwarded to the student complainant and to the College of Graduate Studies with the recommendation for appropriate sanctions.

  5. If a decision and recommendation of the Graduate Studies Committee are unfavorable to a student complainant, the student shall be reminded of the further appeals process available in the College of Graduate Studies.