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Amy Greer is a PhD student at Central Michigan University. She earned her BA (hons) degree from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland in 2017. Amy gained a place in the Trans-national program and started studying her Masters in August 2017. Recently Amy joined the PhD program and begins her doctoral degree in Fall 2018.

Started at CMU​

Fall 2017 (Joint Masters), Fall 2018 (Joint PhD)


Early Modern Europe (Major), Early American history (Minor), Women's history and Gender Studies (Minor)

Teaching Assistant Experience

Fall 2017 – HST 210 – Dr Timothy O'Neil - United States History through Michigan Eyes

Spring 2018 – HST 323 – Dr Michelle Cassidy - Native American History

Research Interests

Early Modern Europe, Scottish History, Enlightenment, History of Education, Early American History, Women’s History, Gender Studies


International Graduate Historical Studies Conference - CMU's Women and Gender Studies Program Award (Runner up) 2018


International Graduate Historical Conference – 'An Enlightened Education: Scottish women and access to the public sphere' (2018)


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