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Started at CMU​

Fall 2014 (Joint PhD Program)​


Early Modern Europe (Major), Medieval Europe (Minor), Modern Europe (Minor)​


I study primarily intellectual and ecclesiastical history in Europe between the 15th and 17th centuries.  Particularly, my research examines the early Reformation in France (1520s-1540s) and the connections between the French and German reformations during this period.  Previously, I have spent extensive time studying and writing about early modern news culture, using the French Wars of Religion as a case study to examine networks of Protestant sympathetic to other English and European evangelicals.  My dissertation will treat the failed career of the former Avignon Franciscan François Lambert and his connections with the German-speaking Reformation in the 1520s and 1530s.  Using his prolific theological writings, I intend to argue for his relevance as a touchpoint between reform movements in both kingdoms.  I have also extensively researched the nature of the Protestant Reformation across England and Europe.


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Huguenot Society Journal, vol. XXX: no. 5 (2017).

Historiographical Review. “New Perspectives: Catholic League, Huguenots, and
Religious Minorities” in French History, Volume 32, Issue 2, 25 May 2018.

Book Review. Nicholas Must, Preaching a dual identity. Huguenot sermons and the
shaping of confessional identity, 1629-1685 in The Journal for Ecclesiastical History
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Book Review. David van der Linden, Experiencing Exile: Huguenot Refugees in the
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Teaching Experience

HST 200: Medieval Civilization

Teaching Assistant Experience 

HST 101: Western Civilization Antiquity to 1700

HST 102: Western Civilization 1700 to Present 

HST 112: The Struggle for Equality from 1865 (US History)

Research and Teaching Interests

Early Modern European History, Medieval European History, Modern European History, History of Christianity from Late Antiquity to the Present, The European Reformations, The Lutheran Tradition, The Reformed Tradition, Scholasticism and Medieval Education, History of Biblical Interpretation


American Historical Association

Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Institute of Historical Research: University of London​

Sixteenth Century Society

The Journal of Ecclesiastical History


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