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Research Interests

I study the relationship between citizens and government policy during the Scottish Revolution of 1688-90. My research centers around the regime change and how the new administration dealt with the multi-dimensional challenges it faced during this period of civil unrest. My Research Masters from Strathclyde University focused on the effect of the regime change on the strategic security of Scotland during this turbulent time, this now posits the foundation for my Dissertation project in an effort to provide a real section of the Scottish Revolutionary experience.


Early Modern Europe (Major)
Medieval Europe (Minor)
History of the United States (Minor)

Teaching Experience

HST101: The Development of Western Civilization: From Ancient Times to 1700 A.D.
HST102: The Development of Western Civilization: From 1700 to the Present
HST111: The Quest for Liberty: The United States to 1865
HST112: Struggle for Equality: The United States, 1865-Present


The Williamite Universe
North American Conference for British Studies (NACBS)
International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions (ICHRPI)

International Graduate Historical Studies Conference: Best CMU Graduate Paper (2016)
"Sugar-coated Security: Imperial Warfare and the Caribbean Islands during King William's War (1689-97)"


Gillian Sarah Macdonald, “Black-boxes, flying packets, and espionage: The information trade and Scottish governance, 1689-91” Parliaments Estates & Representation (December 2020): 1-21.

Gillian Sarah Macdonald "Intertwined from the Beginning: Regime Change, Strategic Security, and the Scottish Revolution, 1688-90" Historical Studies Vol. 19 (2019): 33-60


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