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Lindsay Doran is a PhD student at Central Michigan University. She earned her BS (summa cum laude) degree in Theatre and Interpretation from CMU in 2018. Her primary research interests involve exploring the treatment of male and female homosexuality within the confines of Weimar Germany, and through the rise and fall of the Third Reich. She is passionate about ensuring that the stories of those who suffered as a result of the Holocaust are heard and passed on.


Started at CMU​

Fall 2018 (Masters, History), Spring 2020 (Joint PhD)


Modern Continental Europe (major), Early Modern Europe (minor), Comparative Indigenous History (minor)

Teaching Assistant Experience

Spring 2019 - HST 323 - Dr. Michelle Cassidy, Native American History

Research Interests

Modern Continental Europe, Holocaust Studies, German History, Gender and Sexuality, Homosexuality from Weimar to the Third Reich, Women's History


International Graduate Historical Studies Conference - Best CMU Graduate Paper 2019


International Graduate Historical Studies Conference - "Tudor Theatre and Government Regulation: Dangerous Entertainment" (2019)


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