The Language Arts Interdisciplinary Program offers a major and minor that prepare prospective teachers to function effectively in this integral component of the elementary classroom. The goals of the program are to have students possess knowledge, skills and understanding of the role of language arts in elementary education and to integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening, visualizing and enacting in teaching and learning with students in grades K through 8.

Language Arts is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in the departments of Teacher Education and Professional Development, English Language and Literature, Communication and Dramatic Arts and Communication Disorders.  Majors and minors may be authorized by faculty in those departments (see Advisors). The major may not be combined with a reading minor. A cumulative average of 3.0 must be earned in the Language Arts major and the Language Arts minor; courses with a grade lower than B- will not count toward the major and minor.


Dr. Anne Alton | CLASS | English Language and Literature
Anspach 228 | (989) 774-3560 | alton1ah@cmich.edu

Dr. Meghan B​lock | CEHS | Director of LA, Teacher Education and Professional Development
EHS 464 | (989) 774-1024 | block1m@cmich.edu

Ms. Nancy Eddy | CAM | Communication & Dramatic Arts 
Moore 139A | (989) 774-2061 | eddy1n@cmich.edu

Dr. Gretchen Papazian | CLASS | English Language and Literature
Anspach 208 | (989) 774-2585 | papaz1gd@cmich.edu​  

Dr. Joseph Sommers | CLASS | English Language and Literature
Anspach 305C | somme1jm@cmich.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Vandeusen Macleod | EHS | Teacher Education and Professional Development
EHS Building 449 | (989) 774-2359 | vande4ea@cmich.edu