Mt. Pleasant Area Elementary Schools

Display at Ganiard Elementary School.Ganiard and Vowels

CMU staff and students from the museum have installed two educational displays at Ganiard Elementary School that correspond to learning benchmarks for students in all grade levels.  CMU staff and students also developed teacher manuals to accompany the displays.  The displays and teacher manuals were developed in collaboration with Ganiard Elementary teachers. 

The manuals provide background information on each display, lesson suggestions for each grade level, and activities and games for students to reinforce the concepts presented in each display.  A similar set of displays have also been installed at Vowels Elementary School, Fancher Elementary School, and Mary McGuire Elementary School.

The partnership is a simple way to showcase the museum's resources while helping others to learn, says Kirsten Nicholson, a CMU Biology Professor and the museum's Curator of Natural History.

"This is a novel program that benefits people at all levels, from the school children and their teachers to CMU students and the community, and to us," Nicholson said.  "It brings new resources to the students and teachers... its fun and dynamic, and it didn't cost the schools anything."

"Everyone knows that rising gas prices are preventing schools from going on as many field trips," said Daedre Craig (2007 Graduate).  "The 'Birds in the Schools' program is working around that inconvenience.  This is exactly what the community needs."

Leaders of the project hope to encourage interest in the program from more public schools in the Mount Pleasant area.  If you are interested in hosting a display in your school, please contact the museum.