Thanks to a generous donation from the John R. & Constance M. Harkins Community Fund of the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation we have free transportation money again for 2018-2019! 

Tour information/resources
 Information for teachers wishing to schedule a visit to the museum or schoolhouse:

Contact us by email or call 989-774-2380.

NOTE: Please schedule at least two (2) weeks in advance to reserve a time slot to avoid conflicting visits.

Suggested donations: 
Tours:  $0.50 per student and $1 per adult

We are able to accommodate two classes in one day. If your school has more than two classes per grade we can schedule additional days.

Current programs:

Backyard Birding 
Learn about the birds of Michigan and the adaptations that help them to survive in a variety of environments through hands-on activities including touching various bones and feathers, learning to identify birds during a birding activity, and more.  
To schedule a program, please complete the Backyard Birding registration form .

Michigan Through the Ages (recommended for 3-5th grades) 
Programs are 2.5 hours long and consist of two 45 minute lessons, with time allotted for students to explore the gallery further on their own, and a primary/secondary source activity. Both programs begin with a 10-minute presentation, followed by two activities each that offer opportunities to be problem-solvers and creative, touch fur trade era objects and lumber tools on hands-on tables, and simulate these two important industries from Michigan's history. 
At this time, lesson options include: 
  • Fur Trade
  • Lumbering
*More lesson options will be added in the future  
To schedule a tour, fill out the Michigan Through the Ages registration form.

One-room Schoolhouse 
Please note: Schoolhouse can accommodate up to 30 students at a time. Great for all ages!
Our reconstructed, historic one-room schoolhouse, located on CMU's campus, is a great opportunity for students to experience a schoolhouse in the early 1900s, including completing lessons from the time period, playing vintage games, and learning about animals they would have seen walking to school.  
To schedule a tour, fill out the One-room Schoolhouse registration form.
 Let's Rock  
Participate in hands-on activities that will teach you about different types of rocks, the rock cycle and how to identify rocks in your own backyard.
To schedule a tour, fill out the Let's Rock registration form.

Bug Out! (Free preschool program, new in Spring 2018!) 
Bring students to the museum for hands-on activities that will help them learn all about insects! Students will create their own bug while learning about insect body parts, compare and contrast insects through a magnifying glass, play "Queen Bee Says," and more! This free preschool program will engage fine motor skills, critical thinking, and most of all, curiosity!
 To schedule a tour, fill out the Bug Out registration form.