The Naval Heritage Museum records and shares the history of the United States Navy, including using a plethora of exhibits and programs. The museum is located in Washington D.C., in the Washington Navy Yard. It was created in 1961, and is the only naval museum in the United States to give a full synopsis of America's naval history from the revolution to present times. For more information, please see the website listed below.

The Naval Heritage and History Command
Phone: 202-433-4882


Katie Jaque - CMU Museum Studies Intern

Where did you do your internship?
The Naval Heritage and History Command in the Washington Navy yard.

Why did you pick the internship you did?
I was interested in research and military stuff. I also loved the location...the heart of DC!

What were some of your favorite parts of your internship?
Meeting new people from different countries, exploring DC and learning about writing historically.

What kind of jobs/activities did you participate in?
Researched and wrote papers about ships used during the War of 1812. My internship also had field trip days for us to see DC/museums/Library of Congress, etc. (They also had many other interships such as actually working in the museum, PR, collections, exhibits, etc.)

Would you recommend this internship to other students?
Yes, it was great!

Is there any other guidance you would offer students looking for internships?
Start early and apply for many of them.