One-Room School 

Photo of historic one-room schoolhouse located on the campus of Central Michigan University.
When the Bohannon School was built in 1901, its first occupants could not have known that their school would still be fulfilling its intended role in education more than 100 years later. With its inkwells, McGuffey readers, and wood-burning stove resting in the corner, the school is reminiscent of a long ago era when the Golden Rule and the three R's were the mainstays of education.

Originally located in Jasper Township, near Midland, Michigan, the school was brought to the CMU campus in 1970. The Museum of Cultural and Natural History staff and many dedicated friends worked to restore the building to its original state. Donated artifacts helped to make it complete.

Dedicated as the Gerald L. Poor Museum, it now stands as a monument to rural education.

Historic photo of school and students.

Schoolhouse Saturdays 

The Bohannon Schoolhouse is open the second Saturday of the month May through October from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Tour the schoolhouse and participate in fun, educational activities from another era.

For more information, contact the Museum of Cultural and Natural History at or 989-774-3829.

Open to the public & free of charge.​


The Bohannon Schoolhouse is located on the southwest corner of West Campus Drive and Preston Street on the campus of Central Michigan University. Open map