The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 18 No. 2               Fall 1992






"Hypocrisy on the Great Lakes Frontier:                                                                                   1

The Use of Whiskey by the Michigan Departments

of Indian Affairs"

Bernard C. Peters


"Politics of Great Lakes Indian Religion"                                                                                  15

Melissa A. Pflug


Book Reviews


Barnett, Le Roy. Shipping Literature of the                                                                             32

Great Lakes: A Catalog of Company Publications.

Andrews, Clarence. Michigan in Literature.

Victoria Brehm


Bak, Richard. Cobb Would Have Caught It:                                                                             34

The Golden Age of Baseball in Detroit.

Robert W. Hodge


Bowler, Arthur, ed. War Along the Niagara:                                                                            35

Essays on the War of 1812 and Its Legacy.

F.C. Drake


Burridge, George Naur. Green Bay Workhorses:                                                                    37

The Nau Tug Line.

Timothy Koerner


Chartrand, René. Uniforms and Equipment of                                                                       38

The United States Forces in the War of 1812.

Paul David Nelson


Culpepper, Marilyn Mayer. Trials and Triumphs:                                                                   39

The Women of the American Civil War.

Phyllis F. Field


Damrell, Joseph D., ed.  Isaac Polvi: The                                                                                 40

Autobiography of a Finnish Immigrant.

E. Olaf Rankinen


Demetriou, Karen Dritz and Fran Rubin                                                                                  42

Weinstein. Temple B'nai Israel-100 Years:

Saginaw, Michigan

Rose Wunderbaum Traines


Dickason, Olive Patricia. Canada's First                                                                ​                  43

Nations: A History of Founding Peoples

From Earliest Times.

Karl E. Gilmont