The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 22 No. 2               Fall 1996





"Sit Down! Sit Down!":                                                                       1

Songs of the General Motors

Sit-Down Strike, 1936-1937

Timothy P. Lynch


The Dodge Brothers, the Automobile                                             49

Industry, and Detroit Society in the

Early Twentieth Society

Charles K. Hyde


Nippon Ford                                                                                        83

J. Scott Mathews


Buses, Tramways, and Monopolies:                                               103

The Introduction of Motor Vehicles

into Montreal's Public Transport Network

Denis Veilleux


Review Essay


"Drivin' Around in My Automobile,                                            ​     127

My Baby Beside Me at the Wheel":

Visiting Michigan's Automotive Exhibits

Frank Boles, Stephen Goslee,

And Maria Quinlain Leiby​