Archival Reports


Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village:                                           149

Automotive History Collections

Terry Hoover


GMI Alumni Foundation: Collections                                                         154

Of Industrial History

Bill Holleran


Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs:                                                         157

Automobile Workers and the UAW

Margaret Raucher




The National History Standards                                                                  167

And the Culture Wars

Sandra F. VanBurkleo


Bibliography                                                                                                   168


Book Reviews


Asher and Edsforth, eds. Autowork                                                            192

Claudia Clark


Blair. The Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi                                     194

Valley & Region of the Great Lakes

Nancy Shoemaker


Breer. The Birth of Chrysler Corporation                                                   195

and Its Engineering Legacy

E. Bruce Geelhoed


Cook. Zion City, Illinois: Twentieth-Century                                              196


David B. Chesebrough


Dandaneau. A Town Abandoned: Flint, Michigan,                            ‚Äč       197

Confronts Deindustrialization

Brian O'Donnell, SJ