The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 23 No. 2               Fall 1997





Fabricating Independence: Industrial Labor                                                                       1

in Antebellum Indiana

Anita Ashendel


To Extend Fair and Impartial Justice                                                                                    25

To the Indian: Native Americans and the Additional

Court of Michigan Territory, 1823-1836

Patrick J. Jung


Indian-Grave Robbing at Sault Ste. Marie, 1826                                                               49

Bernard C. Peters


Michigan and Housing Discrimination, 1949-1968                                                            81

Sidney Fine


Prophetstown on the Wabash: The Native Spiritual                                                         115

Defense of the Old Northwest

Timothy D. Willig


Archival Reports


Clarke Historical Library                                                                                                        159

Marion J. Matyn


Finnish-American Historical Archives                                                                                  165

Lorraine Uitto Richards


Research Bibliography: Health Resorts in Michigan                                             ​            169