The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 24 No. 2               Fall 1998





HUD and the Open Housing Controversy                                                              1

of 1970 in Warren, Michigan

David Riddle


 "A Mess of Pottage": The Debate Over Religious Pluralism                              37

at the University of Michigan, 1944-1948

Philip Harrold


Complicating Citizenship: Grace Abbott                                                                56

and the Immigrants' Protective League, 1908-1948

Suronda Gonzalez


"Women Don't Do News": Fran Harris                                                                   76

and Detroit's Radio Station WWJ

Sue Carter


The National Farmers Organization                                                                       88

and Farmer Bargaining Power

Jon Lauck


Archival Reports


The Olden B. Dow Archives                                                                                      128

Robert G. Waite


The John M. Longyear Research Library                                                                 135

Linda K. Panian


The Joint Archives of Holland                                                                    ​               139

Larry Wagenaar