The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 25 No. 2               Fall 1999





Building a Better Prison: The First Three Decades of the                                                     1

Detroit House of Correction

Paul W. Keve


Waiting for Water: Service Discrimination and Polish                                                        29

Neighborhoods in Milwaukee, 1870-1910

Kate Foss-Mollan


On the Defensive: Walter Reuther's Testimony Before the                                               47

McClellan Labor Rackets Committee

Anthony Baltakis


"Our children are in danger of becoming little Indians": Protestant                                69

Missionary Children and Dakotas, 1835-1862

Linda Clemmons


Following the North Star: Canada as a Haven for Nineteenth-Century                          91

American Blacks

Sharon A. Roger Hepburn


Bibliography: The Civil War                                                                                                    127


Book Reviews


Becker. Home and Away: The Rise and Fall of Professional                                             131

Football on the Banks of the Ohio, 1919-1934.

Leslie Heaphy


Farrell. Yours in Sisterhood: Ms. Magazine and the Promise                              ​             132

of Popular Feminism.

Elizabeth Rose