The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 28 No. 2               Fall 2002





The Battle for Shared Governance: The Northern Michigan                              1

University Chapter of the American Association of University

Professors, 1967 to 1976

Marcus C. Robyns and Carrie Fries


"Can't Forget the Motor City": CREEM Magazine, Rock Music,                       43

Detroit Identity, Mass Consumerism, and the Counterculture

Michael J. Kramer


Gray Eminence in a Gilded Age: The Forgotten Career                                    79

of Senator James McMillan of Michigan

Geoffrey G. Drutchas


The Organizational Performance of Michigan's Adjutant                                115

General and the Federal Provost Marshal General in

Recruiting Michigan's Boys in Blue

Robert E. Mitchell


Research Notes


Native-American Slavery and Territoriality in                                                   163

the Colonial Upper Great Lakes Region

E.A.S. Demers


A Millenarian Family: Uriah Adams and a                                                ​          173

Private Second Coming

Maureen Thalmann