The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 30 No. 2               Fall 2004

Special Issue: Mapping in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, Part 1




Preface                                                                                                                                    v


First Nations Mapmaking in the Great Lakes Region in                                                 1

Intercultural Contexts: A Historical Review

G. Malcolm Lewis


The 1767 Maps of Robert Rogers and Jonathan Carver:                                                35

A Proposal for the Establishment of the Colony

of Michilimackinac

Keith R. Widder


The Search for the Canadian-American Boundary along the                                       77

Michigan Frontier, 1819-1827: The Boundary Commissions

under Articles Six and Seven of the Treaty of Ghent

Francis M. Carroll


Mapping Antebellum Euro-American Settlement Spread in                                       105

Southern Lower Michigan

Kenneth E. Lewis


The Holes in the Grid: Reservation Surveys in                                                               135

Lower Michigan

Margaret Wickens Pearce


Picturing Progress: Assessing the Nineteenth-Century                                                167

Atlas-Map Bonanza

Cheryl Lyon-Jenness


Book Reviews


Bessler. Legacy of Violence: Lynch Mobs and Executions in Minnesota          ​        211

Michael Pfiefer

Black. Bridges of Memory: Chicago's First Wave of Black Migration,                              212

an Oral History

Shannon King


Bryan. Rouge: Pictured in Its Prime, Covering the Years 1917-1940                                   213

Andrew E. Kersten


García. Mexicans in the Midwest, 1900-1932                                                                        215

Marc S. Rodriguez


Peace. Leslie A. White: Evolution and Revolution in Anthropology                                216

Leonard Lieberman


Smith. From Blackjacks to Briefcases: A History of Commercialized                             218

Strikebreaking and Unionbusting in the United States

John L. Revitte


Wingerd. Claiming the City: Politics, Faith, and the Power of Place in                          219

St. Paul

Eric J. Morser