The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 40 No. 2               Fall 2014




Introduction                                                                                                                              vii


The Kawbawgam Cases: Native Claims and the                                                                 1

Discovery of Iron in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Rebecca J. Mead


"This Street is Essentially Mexican": An Oral History                                                        33

of the Mexican American Community of Saginaw,

Michigan, 1920-1980

Steven Rosales


"Michigan Men" in the Philippines and the Limits of                                                         63

 Self-Determination in the Progressive Era

Patrick M. Kirkwood


Research Notes


"Muskrat French": Origins of a Culture,                                                                              87

a Language, and a People

James LaForest


An Immigrant's Arrival to Copper Country, Michigan:                                                     101

The 1912 Reminiscences of Petar Stanković

Translated by Stan Granic


Book Reviews


Richard Adler. Cholera in Detroit: A History.                                                                     115

Serenity Sutherland


Denver Brunsman, Joel Stone, and Douglas D,                                                                116

Fisher, eds. Border Crossings: The Detroit River

Region in the War of 1812.

David Curtis Skaggs


Vincent Curcio. Henry Ford.                                                                                                 117

Dimitry Anastakis


Michael R. Federspiel and Rebecca Zeiss.                                                                        119

Little Traverse Bay: Past and Present.

Susan Paton


Trisha Franzen. Anna Howard Shaw:                                                                                 120

The Work of Woman Suffrage.

Shannon M. Risk


James F. Goode. A History of the Syrian                                                                           122

Community of Grand Rapids, 1890-1945.

Randa A. Kayyali


John Heitmann and Rebecca H. Morales.                                                                        123

Stealing Cars: Technology & Society from the

Model T to the Gran Torino.

Jeffrey S. Adler


Charles K. Hyde. Arsenal of Democracy: The                                                                  125

American Automobile Industry in World War II.

Thomas Heinrich


———. Images from the Arsenal of Democracy.                                                         126

Susan Paton


Jon K. Lauck. The Lost Region: Toward a                                                                         127

Revival of Midwestern History.

Lisa Payne Ossian


Jacob E. Nyenhuis and George Harinck, eds.                                                                  128

The Enduring Legacy of Albertus C. Van Raalte.

David Zwart


Sarah Jo Peterson. Planning the Homefront:                                                                  130

Building Bombers and Communities at Willow Run.

Georgina Hickey


Roger L. Rosentreter. Michigan: A History of                                                                  131

 Explorers, Entrepreneurs, and Everyday People.

Joellen McNergney Vinyard


John L. Steckley. The Eighteenth-Century                                                                        133

Wyandot: A Clan-Based Study.

Kenneth C. Carstens


Ronald J. Stephens. Idlewild: The Rise, Decline and                                                     134

Rebirth of a Unique African American Resort Town.

Reynolds J. Scott-Childress


Paul Taylor. "Old Slow Town": Detroit During the Civil War.                                       136

Sharon A. Roger-Hepburn


Books Received                                                                                                                   139 


Contributors                                                                                                                  ​       143​