The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 19 No. 1               Spring 1993






"Obscene, Lewd, an​d Lascivious: Ida Craddock and the                                                     1

Criminally Obscene Women of Chicago, 1873-1913"

Shirley J. Burton


"'The Evils of Intemperance are Universally Conceded':                                                    17

The Temperature Debate in Early Grand Rapids"

Bruce Tap


"Under Grand Haven's White Sheets"                                                                                  47

Calvin W. Enders


Book Reviews


Arbic, Bernard. Sugar Island Sampler.                                                                                 63

Robert M. Money


Belknap. Michael R. To Improve the Administration of Justice                                        64

A History of the American Judicature Society

Avern Cohn


Brill, Charles. Red Lake Nation: Portraits of                                                                        65

Ojibway Life

Alice Littlefield


Brown, Patricia Sanford, ed. Seasons for Growing:                                                          66

The Diaries of Lizzie A. Dravenstatt

Catherine Tobin


Cayborn, Carson. ed. The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr.                                             68

Volume 1. Called to Serve: January 1929-June 1951

Genna Rae Mc Neil


Delp, Michael. Under the Influence of Water:                                                                    71

Poems, Essays, and Stories.

Peter T. Koper


Devens, Carol. Countering Colonization: Native American                                             72

Women and Great Lakes Missions, 1630-1900

Keith R. Widder


Fountain, Daniel. Michigan Gold Mining in the                                                                 73

Upper Peninsula

Larry Lankton


Freedman, Eric. Pioneering Michigan                                                                                  75

Jeremy W. Kilar


Grese, Robert E. Jens Jensen: Maker of Natural                                                                 76

Parks and Gardens

Miriam E. Rutz​

Hemming, Robert J. Ships Gone Missing:                                                                                78

The Great Lakes Storm of 1913

Mark L. Thompson


Holt, Marilyn Irvin. The Orphan Trains:                                                                                    80

Placing Out in America

David Macleod


Kelton, D.H. Annals of Fort Mackinac                                                                                       81

Brian Leigh Dunnigan


Leary, James P. Threshing Days: The Farm Paintings                                                             83

of Lavern Kammerude

Karen Rae Mehaffey


Levind, Bruce. The Spirit of 1848: German Immigrants,                                                        84

Labor Conflict, and the Coming of the Civil War

William K. Mc Daid


Lutes, Della T. The Country Kitchen                                                                                          86

Betty J. Mattson


Martin, Calvin Luther. In the Spirit of the Earth:                                                                     87

Rethinking History and Time

Dale H. Porter


McClurken, James M. Gah-Baeh-Jhagway-Buk/                                                                      88

The Way It Happened: A Visual Culture History

of the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa

Carol Devens


McConnell, Michael N. The Country Between: The Upper                                                   90

Ohio Valley and Its People, 1724-1774

Andrew Cayton


Millet, Larry. Lost Twin Cities.                                                                                                   91

James A. Schmiechen


Paquin, Ron and Robert Doherty. Not First in                                                                        93

Nobody's Heart: The Life Story of a Contemporary


Karl E. Gilmont


Peterson, Fred W. Homes in the Heartland: Balloon                                                            94

Frame Farmhouses of the Upper Midwest

Kathryn Bishop Eckert


Shilling, Arthur. The Ojibway Dream                                                                                       96

Richard Seiter


Book Notes                                                                                                                                 98


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Calls for Papers                                                                                                        ​                 100