The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 20 No. 1               Spring 1994





Rescuing the Working Girl: Agency and Conflict in the                                           1

Michigan Reform School for Girls, 1879-1895

Georgina Hickey


Mortality in the Twelfth Michigan Volunteer Infantry. 1861-                                   29


Robert C Myers


" To Protect the Chastity of Children Under Sixteen":                                             49

Statutory Rape Prosecutions in a Midwest County

Circuit Court. 1850-1950

Kathleen R. Parker


Research Notes and Documents


The First Season's Work: A Summary of Dr. Douglass Houghton's 1837             81

Geological Survey of Michigan's Lower Peninsula

Frank E. Stead


Teacher's Section


The Natives Meet the French, A Lesson in Weighing Evidence                            97

Dennis J. Thavenet


Review of Materials: Teaching About the Fur Trade                                               113

Betty J. Mattson


Article Synopses                                                                                                            115

Barbara Moore


Book Reviews


Anderson, William M. Minor League Baseball in a                                                  121

Maritime Community

David Keilitz


Bryan, Ford R. Henry's Lieutenants                                                                            122

John V. Staudenmaier


Butcher-Younghans, Sherry. Historic House Museums                                          123

Donn Paul Werling


Craig, Lee A. To Sow One Acre More: Childbearing and                        ​                125

Farm Productivity in the Antebellum North


Edmunds, R. David and Joseph L. Peyser. The Fox Wars:                                            126

The Mesquakie Challenge to New France

Kerry A. Trask


Hyde, Charles K. Historic Highway Bridges of Michigan                                             127

Andrzej S. Nowak


Massie, Larry B. Birchbark Belles                                                                                    128

Claudia Clark


Meints, Greydon M. Michigan Railroads and Railroad                                               129


William Miles


Middleton, Stephen. The Black Laws in the Old Northwest:                                      131

A Documentary History

Norman L. Rosenberg


Oleszewski, Wes. Ice Water Museum                                                                             133

Mark L. Thompson


Reid-Green, Marcia, ed. Letters Home: Henry Matrau of the                                     134

Iron Brigade

Jeff Charnely


Spector, Janet D. What This Awl Means: Feminist                                                        136

Archaeology at a Wahpeton Dakota Village

Jane H. Kelley


Taylor, Carl S. Girls, Gangs, Women, and Drugs                                                          137

Barbara A. Springer-Selig


Teaford, Jon C. Cities of the Heartland: The Rise and                                                  139

Fall of the Midwest

Michael P. Weber


Wagner, John L. Michigan Lighthouses: An Aerial Photographic                               140


George Weeks


Book Notes                                                                                                                          142


Editor's Page                                                                                                               ​         143