The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 21 No. 1               Spring 1995



A Pocket of Freedom: Blacks In                                                                   1

Covert, Michigan, In The

Nineteenth Century

Anna-Lisa Cox


Laura Haviland: Neglected Heroine                                                           19

Of The Underground Railroad

Anthony Patrick Glesner


Coeducation And Gender Differentiation                                                 49

In Teacher Training: Western

State Normal School, 1904-1929

Barbara Speas Havira


The Trek West: Early Travel                                                                         83

Narratives And Perceptions

Of The Frontier

Martha Pallante


Research Notes and Documents


Lois Bryan Adams and the Household Department                            ​    101

of the Michigan Farmer

Evelyn Leasher

Teacher's Section


Standing on the Shoulders of the Pioneers: Life                                        121

On the Michigan Frontier

Dennis J. Thavenet


Nancy Y. Stone: Michigan Author                                                                 136

Mary Dejong Obuchowski


Review of Materials:

            Using Native American Tribal Beliefs to Teach                              143

            About the Environment

            Rebecca Bales


            Classroom Activities and Michigan's First Ladies                          147

            Susan Steffel


            Westward Migration                                                                          151

            Betty J. Mattson


Article Synopses                                                                                             154

Barbara Moore


Book Reviews


Brown, Jennifer S.H., W.J. Eccles, and Donald P. Heldman, eds.            161

The Fur Trade Revisited: Selected Papers of the Sixth North

American Fur Trade Conference, Mackinac Island, Michigan, 1991

James P. Rhonda


Cole, Charles C., Jr. Lion of the Forest: James B. Finley, Frontier           164


Georgina Hickey


Gramm, Kent. Gettysburg: A Meditation on War and Values                165

Robert Patrick Bender


Hartley, W. Douglas. Otto Ping: Photographer of Brown County,        166​

Indiana, 1900-1940

Kent Kirby

Herron, Jerry. AfterCulture: Detroit and the Humiliation of History                     168

Joellen Mcnergney Vinyard


Kamuda, Alan R. Hands Across Michigan: Tradition Bearers                                169

Deborah L. Miller


Meyer, Melissa L. The White Earth Tragedy: Ethnicity and                                    171

Dispossession at a Minnesota Anishinaabe Reservation, 1889-1920

Tim E. Holzkamm


Morand, Lynn L. Craft Industries at Fort Michilimackinac, 1715-1781                    172

Gary W. Burbridge


Stonehouse, Frederick. Wreck Ashore: The United States Life-                           173

Saving Service on the Great Lakes

David T. Glick


Swierenga, Robert P. The Forerunners: Dutch Jewry in the North                       174

American Diaspora

Annemieke Galema


Thurner, Arthur W. Strangers and Sojourners: A History of                                  175

Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula

Larry Lankton


Way, Peter. Workers and the Digging of North American Canals,                     177


John P. Beck


Woodford, Arthur M. Tonnancour: Life in Grosse Pointe and Along                  179

The Shores of Lake St. Clair

Jeremy W. Kilar


Book Notes                                                                                                                   182


Editor's Page                                                                                                                183


Letters to the Editor                                                                                     ​               184