The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 23 No. 1               Spring 1997





The City as State: Franchises, Politics, and                                                            1

Transit Development in Detroit, 1863-1879

Michael O. Smith


The Meaning of Patriot: The Canadian Rebellion                                                33

and American Republicanism, 1837-1839

Marc L. Harris


"Just At Sunrist": The Sunrise Communal Farm                                                     71

in Rural Mid-Michigan, 1971-1978

Caroline Hoefferle


Political Experience and Anti-Big Government:                                                   105

The Making and Breaking of Themes in

Gerald Ford's 1976 Presidential Campaign

David Miles


Archival Reports


The Historical Museum of Bay County: The Patrol                                               123

Craft Sailor Association Archives

Ron Bloomfield


Archives of the Archdiocese of Detroit                                                                  126

Roman P. Godzak


Bentley Historical Library                                                                                         134

Thomas E. Powers and Kathy Steiner


Bibliography: The Cold War                                                                    ​                 143


Book Reviews


Biggs. The Rational Factory: Arhitecture, Technology,                                           147

and Work in America's Age of Mass Production

Susan Paton Pyecroft


Boyle. The UAW and the Heyday of American                                                        148

Liberalism, 1945-1968

Karen R. Merrill


Bright. The Powers That Punish: Prison and Politics                                              149

in the Era of the "Big House," 1920-1955

Brian E. Strayer


Cmiel. A Home of Another Kind: One Chicago Orphanage                                  150

and the Tangle of Child Welfare

Robert J. Gough


Cutler. The Jews of Chicago: From Shtetl to Suburb                                              152

Michael Berkowitz


Davenport. Victor Vaughan: Statesman and Scientist                                          153

James R. Wright Jr.


De Santis, ed. Langston Hughes and the Chicago Defender:                              154

Essays on Race, Politics, and Culture, 1942-1962

Adam Green


Dunnigan. Siege – 1759: The Campaign Against Niagara                                     155

Timothy J. Shannon


Fountain. Michigan Gold Mining in the Upper Peninsula                                      156

John Cumming


Gordon. American Iron, 1607-1900                                                                            158

David B. Landon


Hauptman. Tribes and Tribulations: Misconceptions                                            159

About American Indians and Their Histories

Bruce A. Rubenstein


Henshaw, ed. The Detroit Institute of Arts: A Visitor's Guide                      ​         160

Maria Quinlan Leiby

Hilton. Eastland: Legacy of the Titanic                                                                      161

Edward W. Sloan


Klunder. Lewis Cass and the Politics of Moderation                                               162

Gordon Morris Bakken


Lester. Stagg's University: The Rise, Decline, and                                                   163

Fall of Big-Time Football at Chicago

Gerald R. Gems


Maccabee. John Dillinger Slept Here: A Crook's Tour                                             164

of Crime and Corruption in St. Paul, 1920-1936

Larry Goldsmith


Marty. Modern American Religion, Vol. 3, Under God,                                          166

Indivisible, 1941-1960

Mark A. Noll


Miller. On Our Own: Americans in the Sixties                                                         167

David Steigerwald


Poirier. Chicago's War on Syphilis, 1937-1940: The Times,                                    168

the "Trib," and the Clap Doctor

Ralph C. Gordon


Porter, ed. A Boy at Fort Mackinac: The Diary of                                                    169

Harold Dunbar Corbusier, 1883-1884,1892

Richard Seiter


Prucha. American Indian Treaties: The History                                                        170

of a Political Anomaly

Bernard W. Sheehan


Quaife, ed. From the Connon's Mouth: The Civil War Letters                               172

of General Alpheus S. Williams

Rodolfo Diaz-pons


Ruth. Inventing the Public Enemy: The Gangster                                                    173

in American Culture, 1918-1937

Gregory D. Sumner


Sawislak. Smoldering City: Chicagoans and the Great                            ​              174

Fire, 1871-1874

Shirley J. Burton

Small. Democracy and Diplomacy: The Impact of                                                         175

Domestic Politics on US Foreign Policy, 1789-1994

George C. Herring


Taylor and McBirney, eds. Peopling Indiana: The Ethnic                                              177


Darrel E. Bigham


Weems. Black Business in the Black Metropolis:                                                          178

The Chicago Metropolitan Assurance Company, 1925-1985

Eric Arnesen


Weiss. The President's Man: Leo Crowley and                                                              179

Franklin Roosevelt in Peace and War

Hank Meijer


Book Notes                                                                                                                          182


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