The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 25 No. 1               Spring 1999





Mixed-Race Identity in a Nineteenth-Century Family: The                                              1

Schoolcrafts of Sault Ste. Marie, 1824-27

Jeremy Mumford


Women and Lay Activism: Aspects of Acculturation in the                                             25

German Lutheran Churches of Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1870-1917

Irene Häderle


From Reading Shakespeare to Reforming Burlesque: The                                             44

Minneapolis Woman's Club and the Women's Welfare League,


Leigh Ann Wheeler


Jobs and Justice: Detroit, Fair Employment, and Federal                                                76

Activism during the Second World War

Andrew E. Kersten


More Than a Union: The Teaching Assistants Association                                              103

and Its 1970 Strike against the University of Wisconsin

Mark D. Van Ells


Archival Report


The Great Lakes in Philadelphia:                                                                                         125

The American Philosophical Society

Robert S. Cox


Bibliography: The New Deal                                                                                    ​            135

Book Reviews


Anderson. All-American Anarchist: Joseph A. Labadie and the Labor                              139


Joseph A. Rodríguez


Anderson, Blanck, and Kivisto, eds. Scandinavian Immigrants                                        140

and Education in North America.

Arthur W. Helweg


Blackford and Kerr. BF Goodrich: Tradition and Transformation,                                   141


Tom Dicke


Boyle, ed. Organized Labor and American Politics, 1894-1994: The Labor-                   142

Liberal Alliance.

Warren Van Tine


Bukowski. Big Bill Thompson, Chicago, and the Politics of Image.                                 143

Gordon W. Kirk, Jr.


Davies. Main Street Blues: The Decline of Small-Town America.                                   144

Robert J. Gough


Davis. Frontier Illinois.                                                                                                            145

Kim M. Gruenwald


Ellwood. The Fifties Spiritual Marketplace: American Religion in a                               146

Decade of Conflict.

James D. Bratt


Erdmans. Immigrants and Ethnics in Polish Chicago, 1976-1990.                                    147

Charles T. Johnson


Fiske, Sleeper-Smith, and Wickem, eds. New Faces of the Fur Trade:                  ​         148

Selected Papers of the Seventh North American Fur Trade Conference

David A. Armour


Fox and Westbrook, eds. In Face of the Facts: Moral Inquiry in                                      149

American Scholarship.

Richard Cándida Smith


Harrigan. The Detroit Tigers: Club and Community, 1945-1995.                                      151

Robert W. Hodge


Herek. These Men Have Seen Hard Service: The First Michigan                          153

Sharpshooters in the Civil War.

Carl R. Osthaus


Jacoby. Laboring for Freedon: A New Look at the History of                                154

Labor in America.

Daniel Clark


Lane and Hart. Painting the Town: A History of Art in Saugatuck                        155

and Douglas

Suzanne Eberle


Marty. Daily Life in the United States, 1960-1990: Decades of Discord.              156

William M. Anderson


Nichols. Indians in the United States and Canada:                                                 157

A Comparative History

C. L. Higham


Olmstead. David Zeisberger: A Life Among the Indians.                                       158

José António Brandäo


Ratcliffe. Party Spirit in a Frontier Republic: Democratic Politics in                    159

Ohio, 1793-1821.

James E. Lewis, Jr.


Stolberg. Bridging the River of Hatred: The Pioneering Efforts of                      160

Detroit Polics Commissioner George Edwards.

Heather Ann Thompson


Wellman. The Union Makes Us Strong: Radical Unionism                                   162

on the San Francisco Waterfront.

Karen Sawislak


Wigger. Taking Heaven By Storm: Methodism and the Rise of                           163

Popular Christianity in America.

Glenn Spann


Wyman. The Wisconsin Frontier.                                                                              164

Nicole Etcheson


Book Notes                                                                                                                   167


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