The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 34 No. 1               Spring 2008




Introduction: Emerging Borderlands                                                                                           vii

Nora Faires


Writing Michigan History from a Transborder Perspective                                                      1

Susan E. Gray


Apples on the Border: Orchards and the Contest for the                                                        25

Great Lakes

William Kerrigan


After the Conquest: Michilimackinac, a Borderland in                                                            43

Transition, 1760-1763

Keith R. Widder


Merchant Representatives and the French River                                                                     63

World, 1763-1803

Robert Englebert


The Transformation of the Detroit Land Market and the                                                       83

Formation of the Anglo-American Border, 1783-1796

Lawrence B. A. Hatter


The Gnadenhutten Effect: Moravian Converts and the                                                          101

Search for Safety in the Canadian Borderlands

John P. Bowes


Winning Essay: 2007 Student Essay Contest

The Road to Ruin? "Civilization" and the Origins of a                                                            119

"Michigan Road Band" of Potawatomi

Ben Secunda


Book Reviews


Barr, ed. The Boundaries between Us: Natives and Newcomers along the                 ​     151

Frontiers of the Old Northwest Territory, 1750-1850

James T. Carroll


Borg. Auto Mechanics: Technology and Expertise in Twentieth-Century                          152


Amy Gangloff


Cox. A Stronger Kinship: One Town's Extraordinary Story of Hope                                   153

and Faith

Kimberly Hill


Freund. Colored Property: State Policy and White Racial Politics in                                  155

Suburban American

Walter D. Greason


Gaff. Bayonets in the Wilderness: Anthony Wayne's Legion in                                          156

the Old Northwest

Christopher Bates


Hepburn. Crossing the Border: A Free Black Community                                                    157

in Canada

Maureen Elgersman Lee


Hoffman. "My Brave Mechanics": The First Michigan Engineers and                                158

Their Civil War

Theodore J. Zeman


Kalter, ed. Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania, and the First Nations:                                 159

The Treaties of 1736-62

Laurence M. Hauptman


Latimer. 1812: War with America                                                                                             160

Annette Palmer


Marquis. Henry Ford: An Interpretation                                                                                162

Martin Halpern


Savage. Takover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the                                    163

Subversion of American Democracy

Jason Friedman


Schaap. Triumph: The Untold Story of Jesse Owens and                                      ​            164

Hitler's Olympics

Brian M. Ingrassia

Sisson, Zacher, and Cayton, eds. The American Midwest: An                                              166

Interpretive Encyclopedia

Jenny Barker-Devine


Szasz. Scottish Highlanders and Native Americans: Indigenous                                         167

Education in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World

Alex Murdoch


Westbrook. Central Michigan University                                                                                169

Andrew D. Devenney


Editor's Page                                                                                                           ​                     171