The Michigan Historical Review

Vol. 39 No. 2               Fall 2013




Introduction                                                                                                                                vii


"Shall Woman's Voice Be Hushed?": Laura Smith                                                                 1

Haviland in Abolitionist Women's History

Tiya Miles


"Destined to produce [a] . . . revolution": Michigan's                                                          21

Iron Ore Industry in the Civil War

Terry Reynolds


"They feel the beams resting upon their necks":                                                                  51

George W. Crockett and the Development of

Equal Justice Under Law, 1948-1969

Ruth Martin  


"A Case Without Parallel": The Sensational Battle over                                                     77

Eber Brock Ward's Will and Subsequent Legacy of 

Detroit's First Great Industrialist

Justin Wargo


Book Reviews


Paula Baker. Curbing Campaign Cash: Henry Ford,                                                           105

Truman Newberry, and the Politics of Progressive Reform.

William B. Murphy


Beth Tompkins Bates. The Making of Black Detroit                                                           106

in the Age of Henry Ford.

Gerald Horne

Charles Beatty-Medina and Melissa Reinhart, eds.                                                            108

Contested Territories: Native Americans and Non-Natives

in the Lower Great Lakes, 1700-1850.

Craig Miller


William H. Bergmann. The American National State                                                          109

and the Early West.

Patricia Ann Owens


David Gardner Chardavoyne. The United States District                                                   110

Court for the Eastern District of Michigan: People, Law, and Politics.

George W. Geib


Marla O. Collum, Barbara E. Krueger, and Dorothy                                                             112

Kostuch, eds. and comps. Detroit's Historic Places of Worship.

Robert A. Faleer    


Kim Crawford. The Daring Trader: Jacob Smith in the                                                         114

Michigan Territory, 1802-1825.

Stephen Warren


Dave Dempsey and Jack Dempsey. Ink Trails: Michigan's                                                  115

Famous and Forgotten Authors.

Robert Beasecker


Colleen Doody. Detroit's Cold War: The Origins of                                                             117

Postwar Conservatism.

Drew Maciag


Robert Englebert and Guillaume Teasdale, eds. French and                                             118

Indians in the Heart of North America, 1630-1815.                                                                

Cleary, Patricia. The World, the Flesh, and the Devil:

A History of Colonial St. Louis.

Kenneth C. Carstens


George Galster. Driving Detroit: The Quest for Respect in the Motor City.                    121

Stephen Burwood


Cindy L. Hull. Chippewa Lake: A Community in Search of an Identity.                             122

Rory G. McCarthy


Theodore J. Karamanski. Blackbird's Song: Andrew J. Blackbird                                       124

and the Odawa People.

Keith R. Burich


Blaine L. Pardoe. Secret Witness: The Untold Story of the                                                125

1967 Bombing in Marshall, Michigan.

Roger Lane


Mika Roinila. Finland-Swedes in Michigan.                                                                         127

Rebecca J. Mead. Swedes in Michigan.

Salme Harju Steinberg



Contributors                                                                                                              ​               130