The Cannon Club is one of the Chippewa Battalion’s most recognizable clubs. Presenting their Pack 75 Howitzer, proudly named "Genny's Own," the Cannon Club is featured at all CMU football games, firing every time the Chips score. The experience extends beyond that, however.  Cadets of the Cannon Club learn to maintain, load and fire the Howitzer, as well as learning basics about Field Artillery. 

Cannon Club members participate in many events such as the annual United Way Kickoff, Mainstage, and the Central Michigan University Homecoming Parade, where they lead the parade from the front. Furthermore, the Cadets often launch t-shirts into the crowds with their t-shirt launcher, pass out treats and display the pride they have for CMU, ROTC and the United States Army. Sometimes the Cadets even offer students and visitors the rare opportunity to fire "Genny's Own." They are also known for their participation in the Central Michigan Veteran's Day Parade. During the Veteran's Day celebration, the cannon fired a 21 round salute to our nation's veterans.

Ferris State University, our partner school, also hosts a Cannon Club utilizing the Pack 75 Howitzer "Brewer's Pride" which was donated by Sergeant First Class (retired) Michael Brewer in 1996.

Image of the Cannon Club.Image of the cannon in the Homecoming parade.