​The CMU Queens Guard Club supports all ROTC and community events in need of a highly disciplined and honorable force for various ceremonies. These include the raising and lowering of the American Flag at home football games, conducting a saber ceremony for the homecoming football game, leading parades, and teaching flag etiquette and how to fold the American Flag to CMU classes. The Queens Guard also presents the colors at various events including assemblies for Veterans Day, Military Balls, and most notably for Colin Powell's speech to CMU. All cadets in the club are experts in drilling with rifles and marching with the colors all while being in sync with one another. The CMU Queens Guard are a select few who represent the Chippewa Battalion with the utmost respect and pride, and set a standard of excellence for the rest of the battalion to follow. ​
Image of the Queen's Guard during a 2018 Veterans Day service.
Veterans Day - 2018

Image of the Queen's Guard presenting the Colors during a CMU Homecoming game.
Presenting the Colors at the CMU Homecoming Game