Fall and Spring FTX

​​The Fall and Spring Field Training Exercise (FTX) are one of our p​rimary introduction events. Scheduled early in the first year, it allows the incoming cadets to experience many of the basic military tasks they will need throughout their time in ROTC. It also provides the older cadets with a glimpse of the challenges that will face them as they step into leadership roles in the Chippewa Battalion.

The last Chippewa FTX was held at Fort Custer Training Center. Cadets participated in Squad Tactical Exercises (STX Lanes) using Paintball equipment, as well as receiving training in Military Urban Operation such as entering buildings and clearing rooms. All the cadets descended the 34 ft. Rappel wall to build their confidence – after receiving some instruction in mountaineering. Other activities included Land Navigation, a problem-solving environment known as the Field Leaders Reaction Course (FLRC), and basic soldering skills.


The Combined Field Training Exercise (CFTX) brings a large number of different universities together in one place to allow cadets to experience leadership from a perspective outside of their normal peer group. From the Regimental Activation Ceremony until the time the cadets head back to their home universities, the atmosphere closely mirrors the National Leadership Development Assessment Course. All the cadets from all the different universities are mixed into two companies and the MSIII Cadets are assigned leadership positions. The MSIII Cadets are then assessed in the skills they have learned all year in their MSL 301 and 302 courses. They are evaluated in both a tactical and garrison environments.

Activities include the Regimental Activation Ceremony, Standard Operating Procedure Train-up and team cohesion time, Land Navigation, STX Lanes and STX Lanes with Tactical Variables. Although this event is focused on assessing the MSIIIs the younger cadets are encouraged to attend and expand their knowledge and experience.

Image of cadets participating in a training exercise. Image of cadets participating in a training exercise.

 Image of cadets entering a Chinook helicopter on the campus at Central Michigan University.Image of a Chinook helicopter landing on campus at Central Michigan University.