​​Physical Fitness Training is conducted in three-five mornings a week. Cadets receive challenging physical training to prepare them to pass or exceed the standard on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Cadets also receive instruction in nutrition, proper hydration, stretching, and various exercises to increase their abilities in the tested events. Morning PT sessions utilize the dynamic endurance, upper-body, and core strengthening exercises used by the military to create the lean and powerful soldiers of America for years.

The Chippewa Battalion adds to this a repertoire of team building physical fitness activities such as Gator Ball, Aquatic PT sessions, The Combat PT Challenge, and various cardiovascular exercises. Cadets who attend morning PT develop camaraderie, team spirit, and an individual fitness and determination. Many cadets equate morning PT to their experiences with High School and College athletics.

The Chippewa Battalion also hosts the unique 300 Club, a club for those ultra determined cadets driven to achieve and maintain the maximum standard.

Image of ACFT Green during physical fitness training. Image of cadets doing physical fitness training.
Image of ACFT Williams doing physical fitness training.
 Image of ACFT Harris doing physical fitness training.