‚ÄčImage of cadets completing the Fall LDXThe 2018-2019 Fall FTX took place at Rodger's Heights in Big Rapids, Michigan. Ferris and Central Michigan University cadets came together for a weekend of learning and training. The main focus of this FXT was land navigation. Immediately after arriving at Rodger's Heights Saturday morning, multiple MSIV cadets had different classes to teach to all MSIII, MSII and MSI cadets. Classes were on map reading, using a compass, and identifying terrain features. After these classes, a Land Navigation Exam was given. All cadets went out on a Land Navigation exercise set up in Rodger's Heights woods. MSI's and MSII's were paired up and MSIII's went alone. MSIV's were walking around in the lanes to ensure safety. Later in the day MSIII's went out for night land navigation, while MSI's and II's were taught more classes on camouflaging and setting up sleeping shelters.  

Image of cadets completing the Fall LDX Image of cadets completing the Fall LDX