2019 ROTC Ranger Challenge
24-27 October 2019
Fort Knox, KY

By Cadet Andrew Szczechowski

Ranger Challenge was such an amazing learning experience for me; especially only being an MS 1.
My peers were able to teach me tips and tricks regarding rucking, land navigation, eating MRE's and being out in the field during training.  The family that was built during Ranger Challenge will be one that I always look forward to seeing.  Ranger Challenge was a special place to learn about so many different things.  Not only did my military knowledge increase, but my physical capabilities became much more dominant.  Even though Ranger Challenge is very difficult, I would be more than willing to go again.

2019 Ranger Ch.jpg

2019 Ranger Team Members

2019 Ranger Opening.jpg

Ranger Challenge Opening Ceremony

2019 Ranger.jpg

Cadets Ainsley MacLean and Johvi Reynolds performing the hand
 release pushups for the Army ACFT.

‚Äč2019 Ranger Swim.jpg

2019 Ranger Houle.jpg

Cadet Jacob Houle taking a well earned moment of rest between
the Alpha and Bravo Lanes.