CMU vs MSU Ranger Challenge Competition

On October 13, 2017, Central Michigan University and Michigan State University Ranger Challenge teams competed against one another for the opportunity to compete in the Brigade level competition at Fort Knox, KY.  Although CMU was defeated, we expanded our knowledge, strength, and teamwork capabilities.  The events that we participated in were the modified PT test consisting of 3-minutes of push-ups, 3-minutes of sit-ups, and a 3-mile run; a mental challenge exercise; basic land navigation and map reading; 6-mile ruck march; and a One Rope Bridge competition.  CMU's Ranger team performed well in every category and even defeated MSU in land navigation.  Everyone pushed themselves physically and mentally.  We trained more than we ever had in previous years.  We have set a new standard of excellence for CMU's Ranger team and hope to continue to improve upon.

‚ÄčImage of cadets who participated in the Ranger Challenge.