Chippewa/Bulldog Battalion Staff Ride to Mackinac Island
March 16017, 2018 (Funded by alumni Terry Moore - '65)
by CDT Jessica Kontur
CMU and Ferris cadets Kellerman, Miller, Kontur, Combs, Vandermolen and VanBuren, along with cadre LTC May and SFC Person, spent a chilly Friday walking the battlefields on Mackinac Island.  We visited the British Landing, Battlefield of 1814, Fort Holmes and Fort Mackinac during our 6+ mile walk.  This event provided an opportunity for cadets to learn more about the Battle of 1814, along with what made the war successful for the British.  We also discussed what American leaders could have done better.  Each cadet had an assigned leader at different parts of the island to analyze their importance during this battle, as well as what they did well or could have done better.  Overall, a peaceful and fun weekend was spent at Mackinac Island fulfilling one of our commissioning requirements.
Image of cadets standing in front of sign marking the British Landing on Mackinac Island.
Image of cadets standing in front of sign marking the Battlefield of 1814 on Mackinac Island.
Chippewa/Bulldog Battalion Staff Ride to Gettysburg
April 14, 15, 16, 2017
by CDT Kraft

ROTC Gettysburg.jpg

​Chippewa/Bulldog Battalion Staff Ride: CDT Swymeler
February 19, 2016 

Throughout my journey with the Chippewa battalion I have come to love being around my classmates, cadre, and new cadets. I have had the privilege of learning from these individuals and growing with my classmates throughout the last 3 years in the program. In past years this battalion has executed a staff ride to a variety of locations in order to afford cadets the opportunity to personally study and experience a battle that occurred on American soil. This year I had the opportunity to travel to Fort Meigs, Ohio, with my fellow classmates and my closest friends.

Being afforded the opportunity to walk amongst the Fallen Timbers Memorial, Side Cut Metropark, Fort Megis, and the Fort Meigs Union Cemetery was extremely rewarding. Each Cadet had an opportunity to share their research they gathered of the battle while standing on the exact soil where the events took place. It was very awe-inspiring to see the terrain and imagine what the battle must’ve been like 200 years ago.

The overall experience was extremely valuable to our learning as soon-to-be Second Lieutenants. Our whole graduating class can agree that to be a part of such a rewarding organization that has these capabilities has significantly enhanced our time here at Central Michigan University. The exciting terrain, unique battle, beautiful weather, and amazing company all made this year’s Staff Ride’s memories one for the books, a huge thank you to everyone that made this trip a possibility.

Staff Ride 1.jpgStaff Ride 3.jpg

by CDT Kirsten Jex
For a number of years the Senior Military Science class takes a trip to Gettysburg, PA, and Washington, D.C. I was fortunate enough to take part in the Broadening Experience this fall, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity. Spending quality time with my fellow Cadets was great, but being able to walk the Battlefield of Gettysburg and the National Mall with them was remarkable. Our tour of Gettysburg was focused on the involvement of Michigan units in the battle and began with a short video summarizing the battle. Cadet Andrew Stow put his knowledge of American history to work and acted as our tour guide through the battlefield. The next day, we were able to visit the National Archives, the Smithsonian Institute, and Arlington National Cemetery, as well as the monuments found all over our Nation’s capital. We took a bus tour of Arlington and watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. On our last afternoon in Washington, D.C., were attended the AUSA convention where we were able to meet people from all different military backgrounds. The experience was extremely valuable for soon-to-be Lieutenants like me, and a huge thank you goes to Mr. Terry Moore for making the trip possible.

Cadets in Washington D.C. 2013