How much money do ROTC scholarships offer?
Scholarship amounts vary based on the number of credit hours you select. They can go as high as $17,000 per academic year. This money must be used to pay for tuition. Scholarship winners also receive $1200 each year for textbooks and a $420 monthly stipend.

How do I apply for a scholarship?
Please contact our office in Finch 111 or call 989-774-3049 for information on applying for scholarships.

What if I don't like ROTC?
If you've been awarded an ROTC scholarship but decide this path is not for you, you can quit the program after your first year without any obligations.

Can I just take the class? 
Yes. MSL classes are open to all students. Visit our Military Science and Leadership Minor section to learn more.

Do I have to wear an Army uniform?
Yes. All students who enroll in MSL courses are required to wear the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) to all MSL classes and labs.

Is being in ROTC like being in the Army?
No. Cadets are just like other students. They attend classes, go out with friends, and participate in student organizations and athletics.

Do I have to serve in the Army after I graduate?
If you contract, yes. Most cadets incur an eight-year service commitment, but the amount of service time you incur can vary based on your chosen path.

What does it mean to “contract”?
Contracting is simply agreeing to accept a commission and serve as an officer in the Army or a reserve component after graduating, to allow you to receive the benefits Army ROTC offers.

Can I reapply for a scholarship if I don't get one at first?
If you don't win a ROTC scholarship while applying in high school, you can still take Army ROTC classes in college. If you decide you like Army ROTC, you can reapply for a two- or three-year scholarship. 

You also have the option to attend the Army ROTC Basic Camp.​