​Upon completion of Army ROTC and their academic degree, cadets receive a commission as an Officer in the United States Army. They don the coveted Gold Bars of a Second Lieutenant and take a position as a leader in one of the many careers the Army offers. The experience they receive in our program and the experience they receive leading America’s Army expands the breadth and depth of acquired skills, opening up a myriad of opportunities for future employment. Graduates of our program have a number of options open to them. 

An Active Duty Commission
Those seeking an active Duty Commission can choose to enter one of 16 challenging, high-tech career fields within the Army. These officers serve a four year Commission before being presented the option to continue service, or enter the civilian sector. View Career Fields

Active Duty Education Delay 
Graduates may also chose to delay their entry into the Active Duty sector to pursue advanced Medical, Law, or Theology Degrees.

A Reserve Forces or National Guard Commission
Those who choose not to enter the Active Duty Lifestyle may also sign contract to enter the reserve forces. The Chippewa Battalion hosts a program that guarantees these graduates an interview with a Fortune 500 company. Learn more about the PaYS Program

Lateral Entry into Elite Government Organizations 
Our program also provides the necessary credentials for an individual to pursue lateral entry into America’s elite government organizations, like the State Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Secret Service upon graduation or after completion of active duty commitment.

Upon Completion of Service
Graduates of our program find that Officers have priority for hiring for government jobs, and many organizations and universities give preference to military officers. Nation-wide, graduates of Army ROTC fill the highest positions of all branches of government (administrative, judicial and legislative), businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, and professional sports.

Image of cadets with celebration cake.Image of cadets at a CMU commencement ceremony.


The Army ROTC Chippewa Battalion has produced numerous cadets who became Presidents/CEOs of leading companies and corporations, Justices, Professors, Politicians, General Officers, and leaders in National Security organizations. Visit our Army ROTC alumni page

Roommates and Ranger Team members attend BG Eifler's promotion ceremony.

Roommates and Ranger Team members attended BG Eifler's (CMU ROTC '90) promotion ceremony November 2017 at Ft. Drum.  From L-R: Chuck Donnell '87, Kent Cartwright '89, Wayne Rider '89, BG Brian Eifler '90, Wayne Linderman '89 and Mike Boyce '87.