100 Level Courses

MSL 101 Introduction to the Army and Critical Thinking 2(Spec) 
Introduction to officership, values, ethics, stereotypes, military service, customs, traditions, and fitness; addresses management of time, information, stress, and change. Prerequisites: None.
MSL 102 Introduction to the Profession of Arms 2(Spec)
Introduction to military leadership, briefings, writing, interpersonal communications, problem-solving, decision making, critical thinking, goal setting, assertiveness, counseling, and nutrition; explores Army opportunities and benefits. Prerequisites: None.

200 Level Courses

MSL 201 Individual Leadership Studies 3(Spec) 
Studies in personal well-being, self-development, problem solving, and decision-making; group dynamics, communication, and values and ethics; introduces team-building, leading, and assessing group actions. Prerequisites: MSL 102 or permission of MSL Chairperson
MSL 202 Leadership and Teamwork 3(Spec)
Continuing studies in self-development and team-building. Introduces group problem solving, planning group actions, risk management, diversity, persuasion, and the profession of arms. Recommended: MSL 201 or permission of MSL Chairperson.

300 Level Courses

MSL 301 Adaptive Team Leadership 4(Spec)
Planning, leading, and assessing small unit actions. Studies in problem solving, training management, Principles of War, tactics, and warrior ethos. History and future of the Army. Recommended MSL 101, 102, 201 and 201 or Permission of MSL Chairperson.
MSL 302 Leadership in Changing Environments 4(Spec)
Planning, leading, and assessing small unit actions. Studies in ethical decision-making, military briefings, writing, power, personality, followership, diversity, group cohesion, and dysfunction. Prerequisite: MSL 301 or Permission of MSL Chairperson.
MSL 397 Special Topics in Military Science 1-6(Spec)
Studies in military science or leadership. Topics may include military leadership, military logistics, military administration, military operations, or military history Prerequisite: Permission of MSL Chairperson

400 Level Courses

MSL 401 Mission Command and Army Profession 4(Spec) 
MSL capstone. Planning, leading, and assessing company and battalion level actions. Advanced studies in staff organizations, training management, meetings, event planning, and counseling to improve subordinates. Prerequisite: MSL 301 and MSL 302; or Permission of Military Science Chairperson.
MSL 402 Mission Command II and the Company Grade Officer 4(Spec)
MSL capstone. Planning, leading, and assessing large unit actions. Advanced studies in officership, campaign analysis, ethical climate, task organization, Army missions, resource management, and leadership vision. Prerequisite: MSL 401 or Permission of Military Science Chairperson.