Within the Brain Research and Integrative Neuroscience (BRAIN) Center, our core facilities room has a spectrophotometer for tissue/protein analysis and two PCR units. We have two large upright -80°C ultrafreezers (Thermo Forma & Revco). There are also two Level 2 biosafety cabinets and two incubation chambers. There are two large refrigerated centrifuges. Our Microscope Lab has three powerful microscopes, two with flourescent lamps for flourescence viewing and one connected to Neura-Lucida. Our computer lab contains 10 PC desktop computers running Windows XP with full network service. We also have a walk-in cold room, a radio-isotope room, and a film-developing dark room. Our animal colony wing has five state of the art active animal housing rooms as well as two behavioral testing rooms where mouse and rat behavior tests are performed, and two surgery rooms equipped with precision stereotaxic equipment and stainless steel surfaces for rodent survival surgery.

Our behavior testing rooms include eight separate rooms for a wide variety of behavioral testing, including: operant testing (with several Skinner boxes for both rats and mice), elevated-plus mazes, Morris water mazes and T-mazes, freely moving animal microdialysis, freely moving animal electrophysiology with iontophoresis capacity, and other specialized testing. All testing and procedure rooms are equipped with dim red lights and white light cycling for work performed in reverse day-night so behavior can be tested during animals' nocturnal phase. In addition, each of the testing and procedure rooms are equipped with a digital camera that can be controlled remotely and fed into one of eight customized analysis stations which contain video tracking and computer equipment with a variety of computer programs for specified behavior collection and analyses.


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