Julien Rossignol's lab is part of the Field Neurosciences Institute laboratory for Restorative Neurology that he co-directs with Dr. Gary L. Dunbar.

​The Field Neurosciences Institute (FNI) Laboratory for Restorative Neurology​ is part of the Brain Research and Integrative Neuroscience (BRAIN) Center, located on the second floor of the research wing in the Health Professions Building. The research mission of the FNI laboratory is to better understand the mechanisms involved in recovery of function following damage to the central nervous system and to devise strategies to promote these mechanisms in clinically relevant ways. Current research focuses on devising potential treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Huntington’s disease (HD), Parkinson’s disease (PD), and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Julien RossignolJulien Rossignol, Ph.D.

C​ollege of Medicine
Specialty: Neuroscience
1280 S. East Campus Drive, CMED 2428
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
Phone: 989-774-3405
Lab: 989-774-3192​
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