​Talat Halman:  Anspach Hall 301-S, 774-2190
Email:  halma1ht@cmich.edu
Ph.D. Duke University (2000)
Special Interests:  Islam, Sufism, world religions​ 

Sara Moslener: Anspach Hall 243, 774-2802
Email: mosle1sj@cmich.edu​
Ph.D. Claremont Graduate University (2009)
Special Interests: American Evangelicalism, religion and sexuality 

Michael Kinsella: Anspach 305-A, 774-1081 
Email: kinse1m@cmich.edu
Ph.D.  University of California, Santa Barbara (2017)
Special Interests: Anomalous Experiences, Contemporary Spirituality, Folk Belief and Vernacular Religion

Kelly Murphy: Anspach 301-Q
Email: murph5kj@cmich.edu
Ph.D. Emory University (2011)
Special Interests: Biblical studies, Jewish studies
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Guy M. Newland: Anspach Hall 301-M, 774-3666
Email: newla1gm@cmich.edu
Ph.D. University of Virginia (1988)
Special Interests: history of religions, Tibetan Buddhism
David L. Smith: Anspach Hall 301-L, 774-3623
Email: smith1dl@cmich.edu
Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania (1979)
Special Interests: modern religious thought, religion in America
Todd Tremlin:  Anspach Hall 301-O, 774-1937
Email:  treml1t@cmich.edu
Ph.D. Western Michigan University (2004)
Special Interests:  religion and cognitive science, psychology of religion
Laurel Zwissler:  Anspach Hall 301-R, 774-1445
Email:  zwiss1l@cmich.edu
Ph.D. University of Toronto (2008)
Special Interests:  anthropology of religion, feminist theory​