​The flexibility of the Religion program makes it an excellent choice for students who want to build professional depth and expertise. Many ​of our students take Religion as a double major or minor to add to their understanding of other fields. A number of courses from related disciplines (e.g. History, Philosophy, English) can also be counted towards the Religion major and minor. The program strives to give you a foundation in understanding religious phenomena, the ability to think clearly about the social and personal issues religion addresses, and preparation for a variety of careers.

The Religion program provides variety and depth in its course offerings. All members of the department teach both introductory and upper level courses. This assures a quality learning experience for students and is one of the reasons why students rate our department very high in terms of excellence in the classroom.

The Religion program also participates in cooperative overseas programs. You can study in such places as India, Japan, and Israel earning credit through programs sponsored by other American universities.

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