Did you know that in a recent national survey of employers, nearly all employers (93 percent) said that “a demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than a job candidate’s undergraduate major"?

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Philosophy teaches critical thinking, creative problem solving, and clear communication. Whether counted toward the University Program or a philosophy major or minor, the study of philosophy builds a strong foundation for personal, professional, and civic life. 

Our Certificate in Critical Reasoning offers students a way to demonstrate focused study and development of these high-demand skills. The Certificate in Critical Reasoning is designed to fit into your academic plan alongside any major.

  • The 12-credit-hour certificate is also ideal for non-degree-seeking students who want to enhance their critical reasoning skills. 
  • The certificate offers a concentrated course of study focusing on argumentative structure and evaluation, and employing the tools of fundamental logic and probability theory. 
  • This course of study will help prepare students entering the work force in a wide variety of capacities, as well as students entering graduate or professional school.

All members of the philosophy faculty at CMU serve as advisors for this certificate. To learn more about how this certificate fits into your academic plans and goals, please talk with one of your professors or contact the philosophy program coordinator.

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Critical reasoning course highlight....

PHL 145QR: Chances, Choices, and Everyday Reasoning

  • Satisfies UP Subgroup II-B
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QR)

PHL145QR Infosheet [PDF]

"This course was great preparation for my major's course in statistics and methods!  Everyone else is struggling with probabilities, and I already know how to think this way."

Certificate in Critical Reasoning

Required Courses I (6 hours)

Select any two of the following:
PHL 105: Critical Reasoning in Everyday Life (3-0)
PHL 140: Introduction to Symbolic Logic (3-0)
PHL 141QR: Introduction to Logical Problem Solving (3-0)
PHL 145QR: Chances, Choices, and Everyday Reasoning (3-0)

Note: Students may count PHL 140 or PHL 141, but not both. 

Required Courses II (6 hours)

Select any two of the following: 
PHL 320: Theory of Knowledge (3-0)
PHL 340: Advanced Symbolic Logic (3-0)
PHL 348: Decision Theory (3-0)
PHL 390: Philosophy of Science (3-0)

Total: 12 semester hours