Image of Robert NoggleProfessor of Philosophy
Central Michigan University
Department of Philosophy & Religion

Campus Address: Anspach 301M
Telephone: (989) 774-2651


Ph.D., The University of Illinois at Chicago, 1995 ​


Ethical Theory, Moral Philosophy

Research Interests:

Moral theory (and its relation to human nature and the nature of persons), moral psychology (esp. personal autonomy and moral development), the moral status of children, business ethics

Current Research Projects:

A book about personal autonomy; ongoing work on the debate over the limits of moral obligation ​

Select Publications:


Taking Responsibility For Children (co-edited with Samantha Brennan) Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2007.


  • “Autonomy and the Paradox of Self-Creation,” in Taylor ed., Personal Autonomy  (Cambridge, 2004).
  • “From the Nature of Persons to the Structure of Morality,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy (2001).
  • “Resisting the Seductive Appeal of Consequentialism,” Utilitas (2003).
  • “Special Agents: Children’s Autonomy and Parental Authority” in Archer and McLeod eds., The Moral and Political Status of Children (Oxford, 2002).
  • "Manipulative Actions," American Philosophical Quarterly (1997).
  • “Autonomy, Value, and Conditioned Desire,” American Philosophical Quarterly (1995).
  • “Rollovers, Radials, and Responsibility: A Study of the Ford-Firestone Case,” Journal of Business Ethics and A. Gini, ed., Case Studies in Business Ethics (Prentice Hall, 2005)​.


CMU Provost’s Award for Outstanding Research & Creative Activity, 2002; CMU Research Professor, 2002 ​