Image of Mark Shelton​​​Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Central Michigan University
Department of Philosophy & Religion

Campus Address: Anspach 120​
Telephone: (989) 774-1446


Ph.D., Harvard University, 1996


Ethical Theory (basic and advanced), Major Philosophers, 19th Century Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, ​​Social and Political Philosophy​, Introduction to Philosophy, Moral Problems

Research Interests:

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Kant, Hegel

Current Research Projects: 

​"Two Conceptions of the Rule of Law," "Korsgaard, Kant, and Animals: A Response"

Select Publications:

  • “The Point of Principle: A Critical Notice of Jonathan Dancy’s Ethics Without Principles,International Journal of Philosophical Studies (2006).
  • "What is Wrong with External Reasons?" Philosophical Studies (2004).
  • “Obligation As Self Determination: A Critique of Hegel and Korsgaard,” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (2003).
  • “The Morality of Peace: Kant and Hegel on the Grounds for Ethical Ideals,” Review of Metaphysics (2000)​.​